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Kabir Cafe - Sufi Poetry Folk

Kabir Cafe

Mystic Poetry with Indian Folk and Rock

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The pioneer’s of Kabir Rock – Kabir Cafe is on a quest to ensure the verses of 15th century mystic poet-saint Kabir’s are accessible through contemporary music to the rest of the world. Kabir Cafe’s music reflects the universality of their namesake – integrating his timeless words with the vibrancy of folk music from Malawi and the discipline of Carnatic music with the gritty energy of rock.

When frontman Neeraj Arya was introduced to Kabir’s words, his found clarity in his own life. Ultimately it was the timeless truths and still relevant social commentary of Kabir that brought together the band’s five musicians – each products of vastly diverse musical and social backgrounds. Comprised of a former protest singer, a mandolin player, a rigorously schooled Carnatic musician, a drummer from a family of Kabirpanthis (followers of Kabir’s teachings) and former music teacher and bassist who only got to know Kabir through the band.

Kabir Cafe is one of India’s leading folk-fusion artists. They have played over 700 shows since their founding 4.5 years ago, including performances in Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Nepal, Israel, and the UK. Two of their songs have been featured in Bollywood movies.


What happens when you put an inbred folk musician, a Carnatic violinist, a self-taught mandolin player and a freestyle drummer together – you get Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café. Here’s a band you will never get tired of listening to and when you do, go to give a listen to these guys, don’t be surprised if they give you a hug and welcome you as one of their own.
Alan Moses Rodricks, The Hindu


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