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Sa Dance Company by Payal Kadakia

Sa Dance Company

The Indian-American Dance Experience

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The Sa Dance Company, founded by Artistic Director Payal Kadakia, is a contemporary Indian dance company that expresses the essence of Indian-American identity. Through movement and music, Sa weaves together the Indian heritage of its dancers and traditional Indian folk and classical dance forms such as Garba, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, and Bollywood, with western aesthestics and dance forms such as Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. With Sa, grace, emotion, and layered choreography come together to create a dance experience bound to impress.

The name “Sa” originates in the foundations of Indian classical music, in which “Sa” is both the first and last note of the octave. Similarly, the company’s creative process starts with dances and stories that have been passed down over generations which are then infused with their experiences of today to create new, yet familiar dances and stories that will carry into the future. 



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They dance with irresistible good humor and high energy…breathtakingly pretty with combined stamina, skill, and wonderful glee.
Alastair Macaulay, New York Times
They’re the best at their craft with honed and carefully choreographed dances as clever as they are physically inspiring.
Mira Nair, Film Director
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