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Roopa in Flux

Roopa in Flux

Western Jazz and Soul embedded in Carnatic Music tradition

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Carnatic music with soul, Roopa in Flux is inspired by the training and life influences of Roopa Mahadevan. A trained Carnatic vocalist, Roopa combines her love for Carnatic music and add flairs of jazz and soul.  The ensemble of piano, violin, and percussion band together for a sound grounded in classical and jazz forms from around the world, using novel arrangements and improvisational spark to express a contemporary moment. 

Roopa is known for her powerful and emotive voice. At home in many eras and styles, Roopa is versatile among Carnatic (South Indian classical) performers, bringing the art form and her explorations in genre, text, and theater to audiences in the U.S. India, and South Asian diaspora.  Through her creative endeavors, Roopa is driven by an instinct to find joy, build community, and celebrate difference. Roopa In Flux has included world-renowned artists Guy Mintus, Anjna Swaminathan, Rohan Krishnamurthy, Karim Ellaboudi, Praveen Sparsh, Ravi G, Shreya Devnath, Arun Ramamurthy, Erika Oba, and Sruti Sarathy.


“The musical ensemble, borrowed from jazz, classical and soul idioms, surprised and entertained with passionately crafted pieces.”

Saima Afreen, The New India Express


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