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Contemporary Indian Music – Classical meets Jazz and Electronic

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Contemporary Indian music ensemble Shadow and Light, offer a well-brewed infusion of Hindustani classical, jazz, RnB and electronic music. The New Delhi based duo of composer and keyboardist Anindo Bose and singer/songwriter Pavitra Chari weave a sonic scape that is both contemplative and evocative.

Whether performing as a duo or quartet, Shadow and Light’s music is a smooth melange of melody and sultry vocals in Hindi, Tamil and English. With three critically acclaimed studio albums, they present a well-honed voice in Indian music that layers the myriad of musical influences and interests of contemporary India.



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There is a certain understated elegance in their tracks that make them particularly enjoyable for me. But there is also a sense of discipline and study combined with a dreamy quality of songwriting and singing that I enjoyed particularly.
Shubha Mudgal, Renowned Indian Classical Vocalist
Shadow & Light has reflected the individuality that music writers wait to write about, orchestration that is complex yet not clunky, and a sound that is full of inventive and sophisticated details which unfold differently in every listening session.
Suanshu Khurana, The New Indian Express
Their 2016 album, Elements, became a benchmark for anyone seeking an evocative melange of Indian classical and contemporary pop, jazz and rock. In their third album Sabar, there is a touch of perfection to their contemplative and celebratory tunes.
Anurag Tagat, The Hindu
Shadow and Light’s debut album is precisely the kind of divergence contemporary fusion music in the Indian music circuit is more than glad to have routed toward.
Rock Street Journal
As with the best boundary-pushing music, (their music) is presented as an adventure, an opportunity to discover a cacophony of complimentary and contrasting influences and textures. And when it is packaged so beautifully, you’ll want to get lost in these elements for hours.


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